The band!

Jesper Max 

Guitars & Lead Vocals

Raimo Rommedahl

Guitars & Back Vocals

Nicke Sjöberg

Bass Guitar & Back Vocals

Thomas " Shuffle " Persson

Drums & Back Vocals


Guitar player, songwriter and producer Raimo Rommedahl (ex Cousin Bill) and singer and guitar player Jesper Max (ex Fraise) were touring musicians who met in early 2014 along with drummer Thomas Persson to plan for making their own music. The band was completed with Robert Fallqvist on the bass.

The dream was to build their own professional studio and start making music. The result was the premium Rockstone studio in 2016. Along with studies in sound engineering they started to record what would become Intercore’s first album.

The album “Dreams for sale” is recorded, mixed and produced by Raimo Rommedahl and Jesper Max in Rockstone studios in Gothenburg area and mastering is done by Henrik Heinrich at Nevo Mastering in Sweden. The album was released in september 2021 on the Pride & Joy label.

Since then Robert Fallqvist has left, but the band was lucky enough to get Nicke Sjöberg (Recording artist Nickoticko) on board as bass player.

The mission is to spread the great heavy metal music of the 80’s and 90’s. Think of bands like Scorpions, Thin Lizzy and Europe.

The band grew up on the west coast of Sweden close to Gothenburg. The Gothenburg area is widely known for its metal scene.

With Strong melodies, pounding drums and screaming guitars, believing that they will convince you of the golden age of metal music, where the inner core was made of great songs and melodies.